Parents, drivers weigh in on school bus seat-belts

PLATTSBURGH — Amy Coughlin Rugar had to battle to see her first-grader buckled up on the school bus.

“I find it absurd that if I had my son unbuckled in my personal vehicle, I would get a ticket,” she posted on the Press-Republican’s Facebook page.

“However, you place that same child on a school bus and no one forces them to buckle their seat belt.”

Rugar insisted that her son be buckled up; she said she wrote a letter to the bus driver, and when that didn’t work, she went to the school principal.

“We eventually resolved the issue but not without much insistence on my part,” she said.


Numerous P-R Facebook readers feel it doesn’t make sense for New York state to require seat belts on school buses, but not their use.

Drivers defend that policy, citing school bus design, the limited reliability of seat belt cutters in emergencies and the higher level of safety school buses already provide.Read More