Propane Buses

Propane—the safe and clean alternative.

Propane autogas is a byproduct of natural gas and petroleum production. Propane is widely used, widely available, nontoxic, nonpoisonous, safe, efficient, and reliable.

New York Bus Sales was the winner of the 2014 Blue Bird Propane Autogas Leadership Award, earned because of our work in support of this fuel alternative.

Why is propane better?


Lower fuel costs

Propane has historically been much less expensive than other petroleum fuels.

Less pollution

Propane burns cleaner than diesel and gasoline, minimizing emissions and air pollution while not contaminating soil and ground water.

Lower maintenance costs

Propane is high octane, requires less filter changes, and doesn’t spill or leave any residue in the engine. This extends engine and service life and retains engine performance.

Supports domestic energy

Most propane is produced in the US. Using this fuel increases domestic energy security by reducing dependence on foreign oil. Retail propane buses are also eligible for state and federal rebates and tax credits and incentives.

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